With Aqueous Guard™ Automotive Ceramic Paint and Plastic Protection applied there is no need to wax again, the showroom look is achieved every time with a simple wash and dry! Unlike some other products no top-ups or monthly conservers are required for the warranty period.

Aqueous Guard™ Metal Coat is a liquid ceramic coating that keeps your alloys looking like new. It creates a surface that is tough, durable and very easy to clean.

When leather is left in its natural state it can be stained easily, and removal of these stains become difficult. Whilst Leather should not be sealed to allow it to breath naturally, using Aqueous Guard™ Fabric & Leather Coat will help maintain the leather and keep it conditioned. With upholstery, Aqueous Guard™ Fabric Coat creates a barrier against stains, spillages and dirt making cleaning quicker and easier.

Water beading glass for safer driving. Raindrops simply bead & roll off your windscreen. Whilst driving this often reduces the need to use windscreen wipers. Dangerous water sheeting is also substantially reduced. Aqueous Guard™ Automotive can improve driver safety and reduce fatigue especially at night. With Aqueous Guard™ Glass Coat applied, wipers run smoother, limiting wiper judder.

Aqueous Guard™ Automotive paint and plastic protection products act as a gas barrier to exclude O2 and prevent free radical formation with UV. This helps prevent hazing in the clear plastic lenses of your headlamps and improve the depth of colour on trims, leaving a water beading surface that is easy to clean, maintain and become self-cleaning for the full effect of the light.




Protecting Against:

  • Oxidisation caused by the sun’s UV rays which can degrade paintwork.
  • Fallout and acid rain, which can eat into the paint finish.
  • Road grime and other contributors which can fade and corrode the surface.
  • Oil and fuel spillages.
  • Road tar.


  • Hot Brake dust pitting the surface of alloys
  • Oil Stains
  • Tar from sticking
  • Contamination from general road grime.
  • Damage from highway de-icing salts.
  • Chemical attacks from cleaning products
  • Bird-lime


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