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JM Protective Solutions offer a wide range of coatings for all surfaces making them easier to clean. This, in turn, cuts chemical costs and water usage.

We are working with Aqueous Guard™ who are official suppliers to Sahara Force India Formula One™ team, Unipart Rail and in the boating industry.

We work with companies to find out their requirements and tailor the products for them.

Our products can be used on all surfaces including Stone, Glass, Solar Panels, Painted Surfaces, Metals, Fabrics, Leather, Plastic Carbon Fibre, Marble and Granite.

No only do we provide the products, but we can deliver effective training on how to apply them. Alternatively, we can apply the products ourselves.

All products are manufactured in the UK with the majority of raw materials being sourced in the UK where possible. Test certificates for products are available on request




When protecting vessels, there is no room for compromise. That’s why Captains, Refinishers and Management companies trust Aqueous Guard™ Marine for a top-performing, innovative ceramic clear coat that is designed to protect your assets under the harshest of conditions, so they spend less time undergoing maintenance and more time out at sea. Superior durability, combined with consistent premium quality results, is why this product is the leader in superyacht coatings.

We don’t stop at ceramic coatings, we have the latest technology coatings for glass, metal surfaces, marble, upholstery, leather, stone and teak, all with the same focus, to create a stain resistant surface that's easy to maintain.

It quickly and effectively penetrates into surfaces to seal microscopic cavities and leaves a shiny smooth surface that is highly resilient to stains. The coating is harder than the paint it seals and improves scuff resistance from general washing.

Aqueous Guard™ Marine will prevent diesel fumes from permanently staining paints & Gel-Coats, retaining the original high gloss and eliminating the need to polish continuously. With its hard, durable, scratch-resistant nature, Aqueous Guard™ Marine retains its high gloss against washing chemicals and fenders.

Why Choose Our Products

  • Up to two-year warranty.
  • Speedier cleaning, reducing down time
  • Maintains a high gloss
  • Prevents soot and exhaust gas staining
  • Creates a harder surface, yet flexible.
  • Removes the need for frequent polishing


  • Withstands harsh chemicals
  • Cleaning can be carried out with just water and a mild soap
  • Specialist certified application partners to ensure a hassle free service from start to finish
  • Removal gel to easily remove the coating



Aqueous Guard™ Construction coatings for porous surfaces such as masonry and wood, enters the microscopic cavities of the substrate and reduces the capillary size. By doing this water can no longer pass through the capillaries, however vapour is still able to do so. This means capillary action will not pull dirt into the substrate keeping it cleaner for longer and making cleaning far easier whilst creating a water beading surface.

For non-porous surfaces Aqueous Guard™ Construction coatings quickly and effectively penetrate into surfaces to seal microscopic cavities, and leave a shiny smooth surface that is highly resilient to staining. The coating in many cases is harder than the surface it seals and improves scuff resistance. Due to the surface being completely sealed it is unable to oxidise eliminating corrosion and damage caused by harmful UV.

Our experience with research and development of modern day technologies, allow us to restore, protect and enhance many surfaces found within the construction industry.

Aqueous Guard™ Construction for masonry, stone and wood surfaces have been certified as breathable and water resistant. Test certificates are available on request.

At JM Protective Solutions, it is our mission to find solutions to fix your problems, whether that’s to simply maintain the look of the original stone surface, increase the performance of a solar panel, reduce detrition of a windmill blade, have anti-graffiti surfaces on public buildings or bridges or to simply create a self cleaning glass surface, we have the solution at JM Protective Solutions.

Due to the extensive research carried out over a number of years, we have been able to create coatings to fit many different surfaces. Research shows that each surface is different and therefore to get maximum performance from the coatings, each surface would require a slightly different coating.

Aqueous Guard™ Construction Products can be applied to Stone & Masonry, Wood, Glass, Solar Panels, Painted Surfaces, Metals, Fabric, Leather, Plastic, GRP, Carbon Fibre, Formica, Marble, Granite, and many more!

For more information on how to look after your assets and save in the long run, please contact us for a tailor-made solution.

Our trained and certified application partners can undertake any type of cleaning requirement from rejuvenation, preparation through to full coating protection.


Why Choose Our Products

  • Lifespan of 10 years + depending on application and product
  • Reduces damage caused by freeze thaw
  • Faster cleaning times and less frequent cleaning cycles
  • Prevents atmospheric staining
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • No need for chemical cleaning agents during the cleaning process Eco friendly


  • Self-cleaning surfaces
  • Hydrophobic, hydrophilic and oleophobic coatings available
  • Increases thermal efficiency
  • Increase power generated on solar panels
  • Asbestos encapsulation rather than removal
  • Warranties available
  • Specialist application teams for all application works




Aqueous Guard™ Aviation has been thoroughly tested by certified independent organisations, to certify that it can be applied to aircraft including Boeing and Airbus. For full copies of documentation please contact us.

We have calculated the full application of Aqueous Guard™ Aviation to business jets, is significantly cheaper than having only leading edges polished on a frequent basis, to where we offer a years guarantee.

Aqueous Guard™ Aviation quickly and effectively penetrates into surfaces to seal microscopic cavities, and leaves a shiny smooth surface that is highly resilient to stains. The coating is harder than the paint it seals and improves scuff resistance from general washing.

Applying Aqueous Guard™ Aviation to aircraft Interiors will create a surface that is far quicker to clean. You can apply it to surfaces such as, Plastic mirrors, Paint, Plastic lockers, Leather & Upholstery. Aqueous Guard™ Aviation reduces the time it takes to turn an aircraft around and increase the overall look for your passengers.



Why Choose Our Products

  • 12 months on air-craft
  • Reduces the time necessary to de-ice in winter months by more than half
  • Speedier cleaning, reducing the time on the ground
  • Maintains a high gloss
  • Prevents staining
  • Creates a harder more flexible surface, being able to withstand high and low temperatures (+300°C – -90°C)


  • Prevents pitting on leading edges, maintains the gloss on aluminium & stainless steel, to where frequent polishing is no longer necessary, thus reducing time on the ground and the high costs of doing so
  • Withstands harsh chemicals, even de-icing fluids
  • Specialist aviation engineers with years of industry experience as our approved applicators ensuring only the highest quality of work

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